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Inverter With Single Motor Drive

Inverter with single motor drive technology is a tremendous advance in machine speed control. This motor design has significantly fewer parts than a conventional multiple-motor set-up with single-speed motors, clutches and gearboxes, while delivering more speed selections and greater energy efficiency. Coupled with the programmability of the HMi/PLC, EDRO's washer-extractors are able to deliver exacting cylinder RPMs for the best wash results from wash speeds through high extract.

Multiple parameter settings allow high torque wash speeds with steep slope starts and stops and elongated slopes for even load distribution and acceleration to high extract.

The High Slip Braking feature allows for braking torque in excess of 100% of full load motor torque by controlling the deceleration from high speed to make the motor operate as a very efficient induction generator. The advantage of this method is that no additional parts are required to stop the machine.

Drives do more than reduce energy costs -

  • Drives reduce amps during motor starting, lowering demand charges; another major part of the electric bill
  • Drives are less expensive to maintain than mechanical controls
  • Drives inherent soft-starting reduces wear on motors, sheaves, belts, couplings and other components

Inverter With Single Motor Drive

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