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EDRO C-SERIES Tumbler Dryers

The EDRO Corporation's efficient and fast-drying C80 and C110 C-SERIES tumbler dryers are assembled using high-quality and robust components to ensure a long and useful machine life for the laundry operator.


Available in gas, steam (C80, C110) and electric (C80 only) versions, EDRO's commercial series dryer range is designed to meet the needs of virtually every on-premise and commercial laundry facility.

Market-leading features of the C-SERIES range of dryers comprise:

EDRO Corporation - Tumbler Dryer Motor, Gearbox, Drive


Drive & Gearbox

An industrial-strength compact drive & gearbox setup offers an efficient transmission of power, no large pulleys or multiple belts, Bronze gear box transmission, oversized taper roller bearings, large-capacity oil reservoir, robust cast-iron housing, and less maintenance.

EDRO Corporation Tumbler Dryer Basket  

Spider & Basket

EDRO's superior, robustly constructed spider & basket assembly consists of tough tubular steel supports with a machined shaft and extruded basket perforations for a smoother surface and stronger basket. This smooth surface is comparable to a washer basket more than a typical dryer basket.

EDRO Corporation Tumbler Dryer Microprocessor Control  

DMP Microprocessor Control

This control features five preset programs - time and temperature display, ON/OFF reversing, anti-wrinkle tumble, end-of-cycle buzzer and extra contacts.

Standard features of the C-SERIES range include:

  • Simple design
  • Fully insulated front, side and rear panels
  • Large door opening for easy loading/unloading
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Mounting holes provided for easy installation
  • Self-cleaning lint screen for easy cleaning

With the new range of C-SERIES commercial dryers, EDRO has combined its extensive experience with years of comprehensive research to create the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

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