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New EDRO Product Catalog Showcases Cutting-Edge Equipment

The EDRO Corporation – manufacturers of battleship-quality washer-extractors, tumbler dryers and environmentally friendly ozone systems that are made to last and built to perform - is proud to announce the release of its 2019-2020 product catalog.

The full-color 16-page catalog features the company's state-of-the-art DynaTrol 3.0 HMi touch screen control panel. With is extensive program step and event memory, and simple and intuitive navigation, the control operating system is simple enough to use for the basic operator, in multilingual formats, while offering an array of machine information for owner management

Also featured is EDRO’s side loader washer-extractor range. Available in a split two or three-pocket configuration - with model loading capacities of up to 230 (105 kg) and 450-pounds (205 kg) - the machine incorporates a large automatic main door that grants multiple load and unload positioning, EDRO’s proven DynaMount suspension system for reduced vibration transmission, DynaTrol 3.0 HMi, and inverter with single motor drive for energy efficiency.

With the C-SERIES range of commercial tumbler dryers - available in 80 (36 kg) and 110 (50 kg) pound models - EDRO has combined its experience with years of extensive research to create the perfect balance of quality and affordability. The resulting series of gas, steam and electric tumbler dryers dry fast and dry efficiently and are designed to meet the needs of virtually every on-premise and commercial laundry facility.

The catalog, which outlines the company's full range of open pocket, end loader and PassThru washer-extractors is available to view in PDF and PageFlip formats on the EDRO website.

Copies will be available at Clean ’19 on EDRO’s booth (#2843).

Low-Profile DW400 Washer-Extractor

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