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Open Pocket Soft Mount Tilting Washer-Extractors

CSL450 Open Pocket Soft Mount Tilting Washer-Extractor

EDRO's open pocket soft mount tilting (CSL) washer-extractor range is available in 225 (100 kg), 350 (165 kg) and 450 (205 kg) pound models.

These industrial machines feature direct V-belt, inverter with single motor drive setup, state-of-the-art DynaTrol HMi Touch Screen Control with isolated electronic enclosure and DynaMount shock-and-spring suspension mounting.

CSL soft mount tilting models feature a dual pivot point, air bag tilting mechanism with Autoswing door to facilitate the loading and unloading process. Industrial-strength components are chosen for continual operation and minimal downtime. Control is network capable and features advanced troubleshooting debug screens for productivity reporting and maintenance.

Typical installations include resort and hotel laundries, and commercial, industrial and uniform rental laundries.


  • DynaTrol Touch Screen Controller
  • DynaMount Suspension System with Reverse Loaded Springs & Shocks
  • Inverter with Single Motor Variable Speed Drive
  • Autoswing Main Loading Door
  • Stainless Steel Basket and Wash Tub
  • Direct Steam Heating
  • Five External Signals for Liquid Supplies
  • Five-Compartment Flushing Supply Hopper (CSL225)
  • Six-Compartment Flushing Supply Hopper (CSL350 & CSL450)
  • Two-Way Forward Tilting (CSL350 & CSL450)
  • 36 Months Warranty


  • DynOzone Disinfecting & Sanitizing Laundry System
  • DynaTrol Networking with Traffic Cop (for multi-machine installations)
  • One-Way Forward Unload Tilting (CSL225 & CSL350)

CSL450 Open Pocket Soft Mount Tilting Washer-Extractor Installation - West Point Military Academy
CSL Installation - United States Military Academy, West Point, New York.

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