Open Pocket Soft Mount Washer-Extractors

EDRO Corp - Open Pocket Soft Mount (CSL)  Washer-Extractors

The EDRO DynaWash® open pocket soft mount CSL) washer-extractor range is available in 60 (27 kg), 110 (50 kg), and 175 (80 kg) and 225 (100 kg) pound models.

CSL soft mount models can be installed in laundries where the structure is able to fully support the static weight of a fully loaded machine. The machines feature super high-speed extraction speeds with over 300G force through a highly efficient inverter with single motor drive setup, state-of-the-art DynaTrol HMi Touch Screen Control with isolated electronic enclosure, and DynaMount shock-and-spring suspension mounting.

Typical installations include the "on-premise laundries" of hospitality and healthcare establishments, prisons and correctional facilities, dry & wet-cleaning, and pony machines in industrial and uniform rental laundries.

Standard Features

► DynaTrol Touch Screen Controller

► DynaMount Suspension System with Reverse Loaded Springs & Shocks

► Inverter with Single Motor Drive featuring -

⇒ Variable Step Extract Alogrithm

⇒ High Slip Braking System

⇒ Field Programmable Speeds

► Four-Cup Supply Injection with Five-Liquid Ports

► Stainless Steel Basket and Wash Tub

► Direct Steam Injection

► 36 Months Warranty

Machine Options

► DynOzone - DynaWash® Ozone System

► Water Reuse Ready

⇒ Extra Drain and Water Inlet

► Electric Heating Booster

CSL Installation - Centro Federal de Readaptacion Social - Durango, Mexico.