EDRO Corporation - Company History

In September, 1946, in New Britain, Connecticut, two Polish immigrants, Edward Pivcinski and Roman Galinski (hence the name EDRO), opened a specialty tool and die shop to serve the local manufacturing market. At that time, EDRO supplied high-precision milling and turned parts to companies such as The Stanley Works, Kaman and Sikorsky Aircraft. The company was noted for its high-quality craftsmanship and ability to manufacture custom machined parts.

EDRO Corporation Company History


In 1954, founder and then president Roman Galinski invented a unique design in washer-extractors for the laundry industry. His patented "3-D" triangular designed three pocket wash basket, which he called DynaWash®, eliminated the time consuming step of transferring water-laden laundry from washer to separate extractor. And for the first time, large volumes of laundry were able to be processed in a combination washer-extractor. These machines improved the productivity of the wash room by increasing the efficiency of the labor usage and utility consumption; all the while, the rugged, durable design of the machine made it last for years.

EDRO Corporation Company History


The EDRO Corporation of today marks a company with a broad range of experience in the manufacturing process with an expertise in producing laundry equipment. From the original 300 lb. capacity three pocket washer to our new high-speed open pocket models to our complete range of tumbler dryers and laundry ozone systems, EDRO has developed a complete line of Battleship Quality laundry equipment. With a variety of options including a barrier type PassThru design for Clean Room applications, human machine interface touch screen control technologies, single motor inverter drives, and exclusive DynOzone technology, the EDRO DynaWash® machines of today meet the demanding needs for higher productivity and energy conservation.

EDRO sells DynaWash number 5,000

In September, 2008 we completed DynaWash® number 5,000; a significant achievement testifying the machine design, quality construction and company's commitment to after-sales support.

EDRO ESL400 Side Loader Washer-Extractor

The EDRO Corporation of today is a dynamic manufacturing company. We have designed and developed a complete line of washer-extractors and tumbler dryers for the laundry market. With a variety of forward thinking technologies including state-of-art HMi touch screen control, single motor inverter drive, DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System, and modular machine construction, the EDRO machines of today meet the demanding needs for higher productivity and energy conservation. Our latest innovation, the ESL450 side loader washer-extractor, utilizes gravity assist loading and unloading in an extremely compact machine footprint.

EDRO Corporation Extension Groundbreaking 2015

EDRO Corp - LVD Strippit

While the EDRO DynaWash® name has a worldwide customer base, we are perhaps best recognized as the leading supplier of shipboard and submarine washer-extractors and tumbler dryers to the United States Navy. EDRO is a company that has been successful in the past, is now successful, and is positioned to be successful in the future. We are constantly moving on to new and different challenges in the changing world of business and laundry equipment.